New York City flickers to life as another night of crime stands ready to grip the city. But, emergting from the shadows is a figure destined to fight the evil. He shimmies up the side of a building, shoots a web, swings across the night sky, and lands with a perfect backward somersault onto the Daily Bugle building. Who is this masked hero?

It's you! Now you are Spider-Man, going wherever you want in your free-roaming, 3-D environment. Fight notorious bosses and an assortment of freak-specimens, criminals and tunnel dwellers. Scorpion, Venom and Rhino are just some of the notorious villains you'll encounter. Your web shooters and Spider-Sense let you thwart your enemies' sinister plans. The city is depending on your every move.

  • Platforms:
  • DC
  • Date:
  • Aug, 2000

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