We’re back!

Then again, we never left – and neither have you.

By John_Rafacz on April 22, 2015

You’re the hardest of hardcore fans – connoisseurs of our special brand of mindf*ckery – and we appreciate that you've continued along for the ride. And we look forward to the years to come.

Today, we’re re-launching Treyarch.com and it will serve as our studio’s main destination to share everything from social streams, studio news, job opportunities to issues that require more depth than 140 characters can ever hope to provide. It is however, only part of our larger community of channels. You can also visit us at:

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you’ve pretty much got your bases covered. However, once you've gotten yourself looped into the larger discussion, there are a few key items to remember: we want to use our channels to celebrate Call of Duty and the community that plays it, which means that we won’t tolerate any behavior or speech that contributes to a toxic environment.

Passionate discourse? Cool.

A polite difference of opinions? Fine.

Using language and behavior that is threatening or abusive? Unacceptable in a Zero Tolerance kind of way.

We won’t be able to catch everything, but you have our word that we’ll do our level-best to monitor conversations and ban/block toxic behavior. Call of Duty is a social game that is best enjoyed with others and no one should feel threatened to join in the fun. Please do your part and use in-game reporting tools to call out bad behavior.