The Safe House

Jason Blundell, Black Ops 3 Campaign & Zombies Director helps to clarify the Safe House feature, as well as the basic social architecture that overlays the game. Questions have been gathered (and paraphrased) from community responses on @Treyarch.

By John_Rafacz on July 05, 2015

QUESTION: Does the Safe House span Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies?

BLUNDELL: No, the Safe House is only found in the Campaign. Think of it as a ready-room where you can select your kit prior to each mission. You can also meet up with your friends, share items and prepare for battle.


QUESTION: How does use of XP factor into the Safe House?

BLUNDELL: As you play the Campaign, your actions will earn you XP. As you earn XP, you will increase your rank, providing you access to a wide variety of weapon blueprints and weapon customizations. Increasing your rank will also grant you tokens which can be used to fabricate new weapons and upgrade your cybernetic systems at the Safehouse.


QUESTION: What does the Safe House have to do with Multiplayer or Zombies?

BLUNDELL: Nothing, actually – the Safe House is a Campaign feature. It is a functional gameplay space and a social space in the Campaign. Some have confused the Safe House with new social functionality that is also being developed for the game in addition to the Safe House.


QUESTION: How does that social functionality work?

BLUNDELL: We’ll get into greater detail on that later, but the basic overview is this: the game has been developed on a single executable across Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies, which means that were making it easier than ever to find  friends in Black Ops 3 regardless of what mode they are playing. You can connect with them seamlessly, and quickly move from one mode of play to another.