#BO3Beta - Thank You for Playing!

Xbox One and PC players...PREPARE FOR BATTLE!

By John_Rafacz on August 25, 2015

Good morning!

Late last evening, the PS4 Beta came to a close and WOW did players turn out! Thank you to everyone that joined the fun, provided feedback and helped to improve the Day 1 experience for all! There were a few bumps along the way – which are the sort of kinks that Betas are intended to help iron out – and we appreciate your patience.

With the end of the PS4 Beta, comes the promise of the start of the Beta for Xbox One and PC fans. Things will kick off later today for Xbox One/PC and we look forward to yet one more awesome week of gameplay. While the jig is up and you know what is coming by virtue of the PS4 Beta, rest assured that we’ll be in touch throughout your Beta period and making sure that you’re having the best experience possible.

To the PlayStation Nation, thank you! For everyone preparing to jump on this week, let’s do this!



We look forward to seeing you online.




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  • Twitter: We’ll have our ear to the @Treyarch Twitter machine and we’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on everything from gameplay to bugs. (Yes, bugs…they can happen at this stage, which is why we’re all playing. We want to get them ironed out for a smooth launch.)
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