TreyarchTV: A Viewer's Guide

An at-a-glance guide to Treyarch livestreams...

By John_Rafacz on July 07, 2016

Earlier this year, we launched a livestream initiative with the intention of speaking directly to the members of our gaming community – we call it TreyarchTV. This initiative represents the ability to have a conversation that goes beyond 140 characters at a time, while providing people with behind-the-scenes access to the development team.

To date, we’ve aired a few different types of livestreams. Along the way, we’ve received a few questions about how we manage them. So, we figured that we’d take a moment to bring you up to speed on the types of streams we’ve been airing:

Game with Devs

This is a livestream that features multiple members of the development team, taking turns to play public matches, usually timed to celebrate a tent pole event (i.e. DLC launch). During these streams, we’ll read through our Twitter feed (@Treyarch), as well as the YouTube and Twitch chat feeds, and answer any questions we can. While the YouTube/Twitch chat feeds are great, Twitter is the best way to get your question in front of us.

  • Viewable At: YouTube, Twitch, Live Event Viewer (in-game)
  • Questions: Chat feeds and Twitter (live)

Developer’s Roundtable

These livestreams are designed to be informative and educational, providing access to members of the development team. Whether it’s talking to several members of the team, across multiple disciplines regarding how they got into games, or members of an individual team to talk specifically about their craft, this is when we put the team in front of you. Generally, we’ll try to solicit answers beforehand and pull them into the discussion.

  • Viewable At: YouTube and Twitch
  • Questions: Twitter (typically not live, solicited prior to the stream)

Game with Fame

These livestreams will feature personalities of note, as well as members of the development team – usually in some sort of competitive “grudge match-style” setting – designed to celebrate the launch of a new gameplay experience.

  • Viewable At: YouTube, Twitch, Live Event Viewer (in-game)
  • Questions: Not applicable for this type of format

We’re currently exploring other types of programs – if there’s something you’d like to see, please reach out to us on Twitter (#TreyarchTV) and let us know. In the meantime, stay tuned for the next episode of TreyarchTV.