Zombies Update

If you watched today’s livestream and thought, “I didn’t see Jason or Craig – I wonder what could they be up to?” this is for you . . .

By Foxhound-Pro on June 07, 2018

From Jason Blundell . . .

A few weeks ago, Craig and I had the privilege of taking the stage to reveal Black Ops 4 Zombies to the world. Frankly, the response has been overwhelming, proving – yet again – that our Zombies fans are the most passionate community we could ever wish for. With IXVoyage of Despair, and Blood of The Dead all on disc, the whole team at Treyarch is proud to be giving you more day one Zombies content than any game in our history.

Sorry that Craig and I couldn’t join you for today’s livestream – but we missed it for good reason. We’re currently on the road, working on a very special project that we’ll reveal a little further down the line. While Craig has to remain in ‘Blighty’ for a little while longer, I’m happy to say that I will be back in LA to appear at E3 on a special Zombies panel.

Be sure to keep an eye on Treyarch’s social channels for tune-in details.

- Jason.