Internship Testimonials

“I had dreamed my whole young life of working in the game industry, and the internship program at Treyarch provided me the entrance to that opportunity. An entrance that was built on the foundation of a passionate recruiting team, dedicated mentors, and a studio environment driven to provide a friendly and professional workplace. Throughout my time as an intern, no matter what I was learning about or practicing, the people around me never hesitated for a second to answer my questions and provide me their focused and kind attention. There was a great sense of comradery between me and the other interns, knowing that each of us were there with a purpose, and it was thanks to the mentorship team for providing and reinforcing that. There were plenty of awesome group activities and gatherings we did as well. But ultimately for me the internship program completely achieved what it set out to do, and now I work in my dream job as a Designer in a Triple-A game studio. I have many friends in studios across the industry, and Treyarch remains a cut-above in my own opinion and experience.” – Jack Burrows, Design (2019)


“At Treyarch you will be working on an exceptional franchise with a very high-quality bar. Your work will be held to the same standards as any other team member and you will receive mentorship to push you to reach those standards. The departments here have decades of combined experience, thus you can pull answers from nearly any question you’ve ever had in your field. Growth beyond your expectations awaits you at Treyarch.” – CJ Reay, VFX (2019)


“The Treyarch Internship Program kickstarted my game industry career in the best way possible.  Not only did I get to publish live content for Call of Duty and its millions of players, but also got to meet some of the most intelligent, helpful, and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. 

The three months were an absolute blast between the studio visits, E3, teambuilding events, all-hands meetings, and ultimately just being treated like a trusted and valued member of the studio.  I am thrilled to be staying on for our next project and hope to work here for many more years to come.” – Georbec Ammon, VFX (2019)


“[Treyarch is] a place where the things you make will make a very real impact to the game you are working on, You’ll learn more in three months than three years at school.” – Michael Barquero, VFX (2017)


“Treyarch presents its interns with a truly wholesome and meaningful experience, one that I have no doubt I will cherish for the remainder of my days… Provided you do your best to establish that you are a worthwhile employee, you will have a team of senior employees doing their best to champion your cause and provide a full network of support… I can say, in full confidence, that Treyarch offers one of the best internships in the industry.” – Christopher Hendricks, Engineering (2017)


“Treyarch treats their interns with respect. If you work here, they trust you can do the work.” – Alex Schwab, Engineering (2017)

“This internship was an invaluable experience. I learned so much during my time here and I know that I have grown into a stronger designer because of it. Treyarch helped me prove to myself that I am in the right career field, doing things that I’m good at and that I love.” – Brittany Beidleman, Design (2017)


“Treyarch provides a friendly, cohesive, and collaborative environment to work in. Everyone I interacted with checked their egos at the door and were very approachable. There are high expectations for work, but seeing the level that everyone works at encourages everyone to bring their level up.” – Peter Schwaegerle, Environment Art (2017)


“Treyarch is a richly resourced environment with an extremely experienced and motivated team. Having seen the caliber of talent and dedication of the people here, it’s no mystery to me how Treyarch manages to repeatedly publish phenomenal games with a high level of quality, consistency, and polish all in a very timely manner… I am grateful and glad to be able to work at a company that focuses on creating fun and enjoyment for its own people as well as its community.” – Kadra Alvaro, Concept Art (2017)


“Once you’re in this internship you’re not an “intern for the summer,” you’re a member of Treyarch. The program is well structured and Treyarch has some great resources to get you up to speed quickly.  You’ll get the chance to do some pretty cool stuff too: Ever want to go to E3? See a motion capture studio? Have a LAN party at work?  Work on something that reaches millions of people around the world? Or do you just want to make your friends jealous that you had the most bad ass internship out there! There is so much to learn. The Treyarch community is crazy smart and talented, really cool, and most importantly doing what they love.” – Alden Higgins, Engineering (2014)


“My internship summer was one of the best all-around experiences in my life.I was rotated to each of the three animation departments and was challenged with a wide variety of tasks that forced me out of my comfort zone. The characters I animated as an intern are now going to be in the finished game! How cool is that!

The animators I worked directly with are some of the nicest and most helpful people I’ve ever met. They critiqued my work and answered numerous questions, all while being just great people to talk to.  

From playing in intern gaming tournaments, to basketball and soccer at lunch, I felt like a member of the team. I made amazing friends and had more fun than I ever expected. I look forward to showing off all the cool swag I got. I’m proud to represent my amazing experience at Treyarch!” – John Hagaman, Animation (2014)

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