Intern Chronicles: Featuring Bryson Coleman Feature Image
Intern Chronicles: Featuring Bryson Coleman Feature Image

Intern Chronicles: Featuring Bryson Coleman

Hi, my name is Bryson Coleman and I’m an intern here at Treyarch.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a talented team while working as a game design intern on an impactful, well-established, and fun game series such as CoD. It is, for lack of a better word, amazing. To introduce myself, my name is Bryson Coleman, and I am originally from Fort Worth, TX. I am a first-generation college graduate and one of three children of a single mother who put in extra hours to give us the chance to pursue our dreams and create different paths in life. Additionally, I am an avid gamer. 

My journey to this opportunity has been a long road. I graduated from High School in 2015 and attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA for three years while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. However, due to personal circumstances, I was unable to complete that degree. Nevertheless, I have never been one to give up. I continued working and eventually found and completed an accelerated degree at Full Sail University to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. During my final week of college in October, I applied for this internship and kept working. I also found opportunities as a QA tester and playtester for some studios while continuously honing my craft during my free time, even working overnight.

When I heard that I had an interview, I was floored, and honestly, it still doesn't feel real. I prepared and researched as much as I could for the test and continued working. Then the offer came. I have never been so excited to tell my family that I am going to be paid to work in LA (something like that has never happened to us). Getting your foot in the door is such a hard thing to do, and I am honored for what feels like my first real step into the industry.

I am grateful to see and contribute to the positive culture that Treyarch is promoting. Everyone has been super welcoming and helpful so far in my journey. Apart from the technical teachings, I have also learned how to overcome and recognize Imposter Syndrome, how to promote a diverse and inclusive culture for all people, and my role in that as a Black man. Moreover, I understand the importance of constantly learning.

Thanks to everyone at the studio who has taken the time to impart some wisdom on me. I plan on working hard to make sure it's time well invested.  

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